Proactive Chat Triggers + Automated Support Led Pick RoundView Over Gorgias

Client Background is a nationwide distributor and importer of packaging, shipping, and industrial supply needs. They stock over 10,000 industry products and spent over 30 years developing and selling packaging solutions.

The Situation – Low response time, Poor productivity, & Average conversion rates


Since the client distributes boxes and custom products through distribution centers in Miramar, Florida, Topeka, Kansas, Totowa, New Jersey, Elgin, and Illinois, they receive numerous support questions every day.

Customers frequently inquire about their order status, shipping times, return policies, and other details. In addition, there will always be questions related to the product, such as box strength, measurement, differences between short and large wardrobe boxes, quotes, etc., from potential customers.

The client strives to respond faster to customer questions in the prospecting and post-purchase stages. However, their manual process took a long time to respond to customer queries, adding to the support staff’s workload and increasing the cost-per-interaction.

They were confronted with two major problems :